Saturday, March 31, 2012

Automatefd Gvoice And Gmail To Gcal

I seem able to hold incredibly large amounts of technical details in my head. In contrast to this, I'm excited when I can remember what year my kids were born in. From my viewpoint, this is just the way I have always been. From the viewpoint of people in my personal life, it can be frustrating.

Being the technophile that I am, I've incorporated many electronic assistive technologies into my life. In 1989 I got my first PDA. It was about the size and weight of a half-brick. But I could carry it wherever I went and it would ring to remind me to do things. What a deal!

My newest electronic assistive technology is a rather complete phone and SMS management system. Its features are:

  • I have a permanent record of every incoming or outgoing call or SMS.
  • My mobile phone rings whenever I get an incoming call or SMS.
  • My home phone rings whenever I get a call.
  • My mobile rings and gives me a notification whenever I get a call or SMS.
  • My computer rings and gives me a pop-up whenever I get a call or SMS.

This blog entry is unfinished. It will be updated or followed up with a second blog entry shortly.

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