Saturday, December 10, 2011

Seems It Really Works

Well, it appears this actually does work. I seem to be having a few
issues integrating with NanoBlogger but I'm sure I'll work those out.
The problems that I've seen are:

  1. It seems that adding or even updating a new entry is as costly
    as rebuilding the entire blog from scratch. Right now, that's
    OK. But what am I going to do when I have 10, or 100 postings?
    I hope NanoBlogger can handle this.
  2. NB seems to assume that its input files are hand-written in
    some legacy text editor called Vim or something :-). While my
    strategy of using GNU Emacs' Org Mode keeps the flavor of NB in
    that it is written in a simple markup language, it doesn't seem
    to fit the NB model perfectly. There is nothing wrong with NB's
    markup, it is just that Org Mode's markup can easily be
    exported to virtually every other markup on the planet. So I
    just need to learn Org Mode markup, write my content in Org
    Mode, and then publish that data into whatever format I choose.
    Seems a better solution but NB isn't quite prepared for it.
  3. I would still like better integration with Org Mode and NB. The
    steps I've used to produce this entry are:
    • Ran a little shell script I wrote to create a new NB
      entry. All I do is give the shell script the title of the
      Org Mode file I want to store the new entry in and it
      does its magic, leaving me with an Org Mode skeleton for
    • Edit the Org Mode file just created.
    • Use Org Mode to publish the entry. This just stores it in
      my local NB folder.
    • Run nb update to have my changes put into the local
      copy of the blog.
    • Run nb preview to view the changes before publishing.
    • Run nb publish to update my blog.

So, while they're are still some problems, I have to say I love it.
The advantages of using Org Mode and the simple NB blogging engine on
both my local and production server is way cool.

Org Mode is actually way cool. I've only started using it in the past
year and will likely spend years learning it as it supports so many
features. But, like all well-designed pieces of software, you don't
need to learn it all at once. I'll yabber about Org Mode another day.
In any case, I'm real happy with my blog and the ease with which I can
add postings to it.

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